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Simple New Moon Ritual - Manifest New Beginnings

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Powerful New Moon Ritual

Creating a New Moon Ritual is a powerful way to connect with the New Moon and the abundant energies it brings. It’s an opportunity to set new goals, renew past goals, and to self reflect. As a result, you will know where you are on your journey, how far you’ve come, and where you want to go. Use this powerful Simple New Moon Ritual to bring in abundance, love, and prosperity, and to help you release all negativity and self doubt.

New Moon Significance

The New Moon Signifies new birth, and with each lunar cycle, your energy is continually reincarnated. During the New Moon, your soul is filled with ideas, motivation, and inspiration. This provides you a sense of confidence, clarity, and courage. The New Moon is symbolic of a “second chance” that you are gifted with over and over again. This is what makes it the perfect time to reflect and review your life and set intentions for your future. ​ The New Moon's purifying energy will assist you with a cleansing and clearing, and a releasing and receiving of energies. In essence, it is a portal for magical new beginnings. ​

New Moon Intentions

​The New Moon is a time to set goals and intentions and to be clear about the visions you hold and wish to manifest into your reality. With the New Moon's energies, you can be open to receiving and allowing spirit to bring you any important messages you may need at this time. These messages may come from Source Energy and or from your own intuition and inner knowing.

Begin Your New Moon Ritual

Begin by preparing a space for your ritual; you want an area where you won’t be distracted or disturbed by outside elements. Use sage or essential oils to clear your space, and bring in any crystals or sacred pieces you’d like present. You can also listen to a New Moon Meditation during your ritual. I shared one at the end of this article for you! It’s also good practice to have a journal handy for writing your goals and intentions. You can place your crystals on a window ledge and allow the New Moon energy to cleanse and clear them. You can use candles and incense in your space as it creates a calming and peaceful ambiance. p.s. Don’t forget to blow your candles out! Now get yourself comfortable and grounded as you tap into the New Moon’s energy. Breathe in its powerful and abundant energy and breathe out any stress, tension, or negativity that you have been holding. ​ Take some time now to review and reflect on your goals and intentions, or any past goals you would like to renew. Envision all your dreams and goals in your mind’s eye as if they have already come to fruition. Experience all the emotions this manifestation will bring to you. Connecting to those emotions is key, as we become what we think, feel, and believe.

Journal Your Goals & Intentions

After you have spent time reviewing, reflecting, and visualizing, write your dreams and goals in your journal. Include any action steps you plan to take, as well as the why you want to achieve these goals. Your why is the reason you want these particular desires to manifest. If your why isn’t clear, your outcome won’t be either. Clarity is power. Keep in mind that we co-create our reality with the Universe, think of it as team work. You are working with the Universe every moment and every step of the way. It’s not just a matter of stating “what” you desire, you must take full responsibility through your actions and intentions. ​Trust and believe that the Universe will always support you. What is meant for you will always make its way to you.

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New Moon Reflection

The New Moon energy is a wonderful time to empower yourself. It’s also an opportunity for you to release any self doubt that you may have been harbouring within. If anything has been holding you back from stepping fully into your truth, your innate power, now is the time to let it go. Take a moment to envision yourself standing tall and confident in a serene field of flowers. The rich and warm sunlight is pouring onto your shoulders. Imagine how it would feel to love and accept yourself just as you are, knowing there has never, nor will there ever, be another you. Isn’t that amazing and magical? You truly are one of a kind! Embrace that notion with all your heart. Spend as much time as you wish engaged in your ritual and absorb all the healing energies that fill the cells of your being. When you feel “complete,” take a few deep breaths in, and out. Let it all go. ​


After your New Moon Ritual, express gratitude for the clarity and confidence you have received that in turn, will help you manifest your dreams into reality. ​Know every moment is a fresh opportunity to begin again and to align fully with your authentic truth and your unique purpose. Embrace your magical new beginnings!

p.s. I created a New Moon Meditation for you! Check it out!

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Love & Gratitude,


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