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How To Create A Magical Morning Ritual

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Creating a morning ritual can be essential to achieving a successful, thriving, and abundant life. Studies have shown that the most common trait of highly successful people is the understanding of the power they have when it comes to co-creating their reality with the Universe. One of the most effective ways of being a conscious co-creator is by implementing and maintaining a morning ritual. Ancient traditions clearly understood the power of rituals when it comes to reinforcing habits and changing the way we see and create our reality. Many successful people tend to be early risers, waking up at what is often referred to as “the magical hour.” The early mornings are said to be a very spiritual time as it helps to soothe the soul and prepare you for the day ahead. Waking up a little bit earlier than usual will give you more time to focus on your goals as you begin the day with more energy, ease, and peace. Creating a morning ritual can reduce stress levels, improve mental clarity, and calm any anxieties you many be experiencing as you start your day. Having a more structured morning helps you set the tone for your day and allows you to control your schedule, rather than having your schedule control you. As you start each day feeling fresh and energized, you can better focus on the tasks ahead and where you need to prioritize your time and energy. Committing to a morning ritual will not only increase your productivity throughout the day, but as a result, it will also increase your levels of confidence and self esteem. Plus the great news is you can do your ritual while still in bed! Perfect right!

Added benefits of a morning ritual

  • It reduces stress levels and allows you to ease into your day feeling grounded and balanced

  • You gain more time so you aren’t rushing around forgetting things or running late

  • It encourages you to nourish your mind, body, and soul

  • You give yourself adequate time to make healthy choices for breakfast

Practice Gratitude

I’m big on offering words of gratitude as soon as I wake up. The fact that I received yet another day on this earth is something to be thankful for in itself. It’s a miracle really! You don’t need to spend a lot of time on this one, it’s simply a matter of saying, or writing in a journal a few things you’re grateful for. It can be anything from your comfy warm bed to your hot cup of coffee or tea. Once you start finding things to be grateful for, you will find even more things. The list is truly endless! Practicing gratitude not only helps you start your day off on a more positive and joyful note, but the more you are thankful for your blessings, the more you begin to live in a state of gratitude. This state will leave you feeling overly appreciative for even the smallest of things. It will also increase the feeling of abundance overflowing in your heart. Affirmation: My life is a great gift and I will use this gift with confidence, joy, and excitement.

Do Light Stretches In Bed

Starting your morning off by doing a few light stretches has many health benefits. Not only does it help relieve tension in your muscles, it gets the blood flowing to your body and brain. Morning stretches can also alleviate aches and pains in your joints and muscles as tightness tends to happen after the body has been at rest for long periods of time. Light stretching provides your body with more energy and can prevent lethargy and feelings of fatigue. Here is a great article and video on various light stretches you can do while you are still in bed. These Three Morning Stretches Help Your Sleepy Body Wake Up. Affirmation: Today I align myself with freedom, growth, health, and happiness.

Listen to a peaceful Meditation

There’s nothing like listening to a positive and healing meditation as you start your day. Meditation is widely known for calming the mind and body, therefore listening to one upon waking will help you feel more grounded. It will also help you ease into your day feeling more calm yet alert. Often times we wake up feeling unrested, irritated, and foggy in the brain, adding meditation to your morning ritual will balance your body, harmonize your energy, and bring a sense of peace to your mind. You don’t need to be an “expert” when it comes to meditating, it’s just a matter of being present and allowing what comes up, to come up. It’s a time to observe your thoughts, but not attach yourself to your thoughts. Just witness, and then release. You are not aiming to completely clear or empty your mind, your goal is to create space between your thoughts. There is nothing else for you to do other than to, just be. I created a positive morning guided meditation with powerful and healing affirmations. It will help you begin your day by raising your frequency and vibration. I shared it for you below!

Affirmation: I begin this new and fresh day with an open heart and an open mind.

Set Intentions For The Day

Setting intentions activates a part of your receptivity which is your willingness and ability to take in ideas and information. If you start off your day without setting intentions, it’s like a ship leaving the shore without a destination in mind. Having clear intentions allows you to be in control of your day. It also encourages you to be fully aware of your morals, core beliefs, and values. Intentions give you purpose and the inspiration and motivation you need to achieve your goals, dreams, and desires. Samples of intentions are: I intend to manifest a really great day; I intend to always live and lead by example; I intend to be my very best self today; I intend to serve others from a place of kindness and love; I intend to create and commit to a morning ritual that will allow me more time and freedom. Whatever your intentions may be, state them with full conviction and clarity. Feel the words in the cells of your body and believe your words to be true. I recommend setting your intentions while listening to a meditation, as it will put you in an ideal state of mind for planting the seeds of your intentions. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to recognize your purest desires and truths. Affirmation: My mind and heart will remain open as I go about my day.

Use Affirmations

Another element you can add to your morning ritual is affirmations. They will help you begin your day in a more positive and productive direction. Affirmations are statements that affirm a truth and we should underestimate the power of our words. Many of us have unconscious limited beliefs that have stemmed from our childhood. Beliefs such as: I am not good enough; I am not smart enough; I can never do anything right; I am not worthy of happiness; I will never be healthy. Just because you “believe” something, however, it doesn’t mean it’s true. You can change your limited beliefs by recognizing them, and by choosing new beliefs that better serve you purpose. Beliefs that align and resonate with who you really are. Starting your day using affirmations is a sure way to manifest more abundance, happiness, and joy into your life. Before you know it, your “negative” thoughts will show up less, and when they do show up ask yourself, “does this thought serve me purpose?” You can shift your thoughts from a negative state by using positive affirmations. This helps you reframe your limited beliefs and, as a result, you will create a healthier mindset. Add affirmations to your morning ritual and feed your heart and soul with healthy, loving, and kind words. Affirmation: My thoughts do not control me; I choose to control my thoughts.

Choose A Positive Attitude

I often hear someone saying it’s going to be a bad day before the day has even begun. The thing is, if you’ve already decided it’s going to be a bad day, chances are it will be! If your mind has already determined the outcome of the day, it will look for evidence to “prove” you are right. For example, perhaps you hit all the red lights on your way to work, or maybe your coffee spilled on your favourite hoodie. These are all situations that you might believe contributed to your bad day. You see it as “evidence.” On another note, if you wake up choosing it’s going to be a great day, well, watch what happens! You will start to notice all the good things that happen throughout your day such as the person who held the door open for you at Starbucks. Or the kind stranger that smiled at you on your morning walk. It really is all about mindset and perspective, how we choose to see things. Do we look for the good in each experience and encounter, or do we focus on the “bad?” During my Coaching sessions with clients, I teach about the foundations of The Law of Attraction, as I believe it’s the root of all our experiences and outcomes. The LOA states that, Like Attracts Like, therefore, you attract what you focus on and what you put out into the Universe. So, why not wake up choosing it’s going to be a great day and be open to what unfolds from a more neutral space. Affirmation: I’m excited to wake up each day to experience the beautiful and abundant life I’m manifesting Bonus Tip! Get yourself a calendar and set a date to begin your new morning ritual! Mark off each day you complete your ritual and set the intention of committing to it for 21 days. According to Dr. Maxwell Maltz, it takes 21 days to create a new habit. So, if you keep it up, you may find it becomes your new way of being! Also our brains love to see things completed and this will train your brain to want to see more of those marked off days. It will leave you feeling a sense of accomplishment and success. If you miss a couple days, don’t worry about it, just keep moving forward with your best intentions at heart. Love & Gratitude, Vanessa

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