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8 Secrets To Entrepreneurial Success

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

8 Secrets to Creating a Successful Life and Business

I realized many years ago that success is created and cultivated from within. It is not defined by the size of our house or the kind of car we drive, true success is found in the richness of our life experiences and how we feel on the inside. ​It’s important to know this because it helps us understand that success isn’t something we need to constantly chase or strive for externally, success is created internally, and it's also from having gratitude for all that we already have.

Take risks

Successful people take risks. They live in the space of possibility and greatness and they're not afraid to step outside their comfort zone. One who takes risks doesn’t believe in "failure," in fact they see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow, and to do things differently and better than before. They are fuelled by their passions and they burn their own trail instead of following the foot steps of others. They are inspired by those who push the boundaries of possibility and reach beyond themselves in order to achieve success and greatness. ​If you want to become successful in your personal, professional, or spiritual pursuits, you will need to muster up the courage to take risks that can potentially catapult you towards your desired outcomes.

Not taking a risk is the biggest risk you'll ever take.

“I continuously push myself to learn and develop in areas of life that bring me happiness, freedom, and purpose.”

Authenticity is key

To obtain the highest form of success in all areas of your life, it’s important to remain authentic and true to yourself. If you operate from any other frequency people will feel that energy. They will feel the inauthentic vibration that you're' giving off which may turn people away from you. ​When you choose to show up in life as who you truly are, at the very core of your heart and soul, people naturally gravitate towards your energy because it feels good and it feels real, and people appreciate people who keep it real. So be yourself, stay aligned with your values and your beliefs, and let those who are organically drawn to you, come to you.

Stay true to your truth.

“I acknowledge my own self-worth and my self-confidence is rising.”

My Entrepreneur Journal - A Daily Practice for Achieving Success and Abundance

Practice daily visualization

Visualization is huge when it comes to success. It’s the process of “imagining” the successes you want in life as if they have already manifested. But don’t just imagine, go deep within and connect to the emotions you'll experience when you achieve your goals and your dreams. Step into the feelings of joy, happiness, bliss, and excitement and allow that energy to fill you up. Sit with it and embrace it fully and completely. ​The Universe doesn’t know the difference between fiction and reality, so take advantage of that notion and begin to see your dreams as if they're already right in front of you, as if they have already manifested. Act, “as if.”

Engage in the practice of daily visualization and watch as it magically moves you even closer to your desired outcomes.

“I choose to think positively as I create a wonderful and successful life and business.”

6 Tips for Manifesting Happiness and Abundance

Clarity and intentional action

We can have all the dreams we want, however without having clarity and taking action, nothing can possibly come to fruition. ​Begin by getting crystal clear on your ideal life and how you want it to look in all areas. Financial, career, relationships, spiritual, social life etc. Become conscious of the choices you make from moment to moment as your choices either move you towards your goals and visions, or away from them. Now when it comes to taking action towards your dreams, well, your actions really are the keys to your success. After you have gotten super clear on what you desire your life to look like and feel like , write down the action steps needed to create your desires into physical reality. It's also important that you don't overwhelm yourself when goal planning so be sure to set obtainable goals that you know you can reach with ease.

Remember every little step counts and all steps lead you to the big results. ​There is no time like the present to create a life and business you love and you need to start somewhere, so dig in deep, find your courage, and start designing your destiny. It may seem scary and daunting to take that first step but trust yourself and trust that the Universe is fully supporting you at all times.

You don’t have to have it all figured out before you begin, just start by taking inspired and aligned action and watch as the magic unfolds.

“I will be open-minded and always eager to explore new avenues to success.”

Develop self-awareness

Self-Awareness is the understanding of one's own thoughts, behaviours, feelings, and actions. When one develops self-awareness, they become a conscious creator of their own life. By recognizing that your thoughts and feelings act as your internal guiding force, you can then take control of your inner environment and how you respond to your external environment.

Self-awareness helps you better know yourself, which in turn, helps you recognize your strengths and abilities, and uncover your weaknesses. This process involves getting real, honest, and vulnerable with yourself, and it means not being afraid to dig deeply into “self” to check where change may be required in order for growth to take place. Being self-aware can also assist you in becoming a more effective leader. It enables you to take yourself out of a situation to see opinions and perspectives from the eyes of another; this is also known as Emotional Intelligence. Overall, developing and enhancing self-awareness will substantially effect not only the relationship you have with yourself, but with everyone around you. It will create more healthy, meaningful, and interpersonal relationships that will contribute to your growth and success.

“I am surrounded by supportive, positive people who believe in me and want to see me succeed.”

Connect to your purpose

When you connect to your purpose, you will begin to live a more meaningful existence. Knowing your purpose will help you stay focused on what truly matters most. When you live your life through purpose, you express it constantly and base your choices, actions, and feelings accordingly. One who is aware of their purpose tends to make greater impacts through their work, which serves and inspires others on a deeper level.

When it comes to purpose however, many think it needs to be this grand ole thing that everyone knows about, but that's not the truth. Your purpose is perhaps being a mother, a father, a great friend or a committed employee/employer. At the very core of it, your purpose, is just being you and showing up in your life and business as your authentic and genuine self. So don’t be discouraged and believe that you don’t have a purpose, or that you need to search for it, it’s simply a matter of doing what you do the very best you can. It’s also choosing to do only the things that serve you and others in the most beneficial way possible.

To connect more fully to your purpose, engage in what brings you the most joy, what brings harmony to your heart, and ask yourself what values mean the most to you.

Purpose is not something you find outside of yourself, it’s connecting to what's already within you and building your success from that solid foundation.

“I let go of any negative beliefs that have stood in the way of my success.”

Daily Journaling

Many successful people tend to journal on a daily basis. Journaling not only provides an outlet for our thoughts, emotions, and inner reflection but it also gives us an opportunity to consciously plan and organize our day with intent thus setting us up for greater success.

Writing in a journal each day helps you focus on your accomplishments, gives you insight on areas that may need some improvement, and most importantly it allows you to reflect on your personal growth. It also acts as a guide to how you want your day to flow, how you want to feel, and it provides clarity as you structure your day with ease and intent.

I created My Entrepreneur Journal for those who want to incorporate the beneficial and powerful act of daily journaling.

The 90-day journal includes space for Daily Gratitude, Goals and Intention Setting, Self-Care Practices, Evening Self-Reflection and Empowering Affirmations. (there's a list of 90 Affirmations for you to choose from.)

Journal your way to success and abundance.

My Entrepreneur Journal - A Daily Practice for Achieving Success and Abundance

"I have everything I need within me to create a successful life and business."

Believe in yourself

Belief is the root of all creation and when it comes to believing in yourself, this part is super important. If you don’t believe in yourself, and in your dreams and your desires, how can you possibly create anything? It’s the ultimate foundation of your success because everything is created based on what you believe. And when it comes to belief, it can’t be 85% or even 90%, it needs to be 100% or nothing at all. You can’t leave room for any doubt. You have to believe in yourself just as much as you believe there is a sun, a moon, the sky, and the stars. Any limitations you have when it comes to achieving success are simply ones you place upon yourself. Limits don’t exist, we create them.

Whatever you are setting forth to do in order to achieve success and prosperity in your life and business, you need to go all in with your belief in self and what you're doing. Know that when you set your heart and mind to something, you can bring it into existence when belief is your underlying force.

And never allow outside sources or persuasions to influence you otherwise.

“I have everything I need to face any obstacles that come my way." Sharing is Caring!

p.s. I created a Powerful Affirmation Meditation for Entrepreneur's which I shared it below. Enjoy!

Love & Gratitude, Vanessa

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