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I designed Simple Journals with the intention of creating a journal that is simplistic and intentional for the user. Many journals I've collected over the years were overwhelming or daunting, and were missing some of the elements I've always wanted in a journal. So, I created my own! And now I'm sharing them with you.

The first journal in the series was created for the Entrepreneur/business owner who wants to start their day intentionally and powerfully. The journal includes space for your Goals, Gratitude, Affirmations, Self-Care, Intentions & Evening Self-Reflection. The journal includes 90 Empowering Affirmations for you to choose from each day. Create more success, abundance, and confidence in your life and business by engaging in a daily practice of journaling. 

Upcoming Journals - My Grief Journal, My Self-Love Journal, My Anxiety Journal, and My Empath Journal. All journals come with their own unique journals prompts, guidance, and affirmations.

Vanessa Marie Dewsbury is a Self Love & Spiritual Teacher, Bestselling Author, and creator of Simple Journals.

She has been a guest on well-known radio shows and international podcasts, and has appeared in news articles acknowledging her work in the spiritual and personal development community.

Her acquired wisdom through her own life experiences and health issues combined with her training and certifications in various modalities allows her to offer powerful guidance as well as the vital tools required to enhance and promote inner-healing, personal growth, and self love.

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