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My Grief Journal

A Place to Feel and Heal your Grief Through Self-Expression and Reflection

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"We heal when our heart feels heard and our soul feels safe to be seen." - Vanessa Marie Dewsbury

My Grief Journal is a simple yet powerful tool to help you reflect and release your emotions in a gentle and graceful way. By releasing these emotions through self-expression and reflection, you will come to find inner peace and solace.

Journaling is known to help alleviate anxiety and stress following traumatic events. Becoming comfortable reconnecting with suppressed memories and emotions can assist in calming the fear centre of the brain, which is in overdrive during the grieving process.

The purpose of this gentle journal is to offer you a safe place where you can openly and honestly share exactly how you are feeling and to reflect on how you feel after expressing your emotions.

My Grief Journal includes prompts, a healing affirmation on each page, and space to release and express your emotions.

Begin your healing journey today.

My Entrepreneur Journal 

A Daily Practice for Achieving Success and Abundance

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My Entrepreneur Journal is a simple yet powerful tool to help you achieve success and abundance by engaging in a daily practice of journaling.

My Entrepreneur Journal is a 90-day journal for you to write daily gratitude, empowering affirmations, intentions, goals, and self-care practices as well as a space for evening self-reflection.

By taking just a few moments each day you will begin to create a new healthy habit that will lead you to prosperity and self-mastery.

Success is created from the inside out and My Entrepreneur Journal will assist you in achieving your goals, your dreams, and your truest desires through consistency and self-discipline.

Begin your journey today and create a life and business you absolutely love.

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